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Burgeon Marketing Agency

Hi, I'm Bianca Hendricks, Founder of Burgeon Marketing Agency. I am an Online Marketing Strategist and Consultant. My day comprises of me helping my clients with their businesses in locations like Germany, UK, and Namibia. And if I'm not there, I'm busy away at designing or blogging( about Organisational Behavior, Customer Perception, Mindset, Science-Based Positivity initiatives, Personal Performance, and Corporate Social Responsibility) with two ramboyshis pups running around my home office.


What is Our Objective though? , we seek to help businesses remain top of mind when it comes to their clients...


because the thing is, first impressions are everything

in this space, so that's why we've brought you some 

beautiful Feminine Social Media Templates and Lightroom Presets for your business. 

All graphics and presets are designed by myself with customers in mind.


And the price?, I, for one know that entrepreneurs bootstrap to build their empires, with that in mind, I've made it really affordable even though it's taken me a great deal of time to do.

However, I believe, the further along we help one another, the better off we'll all be, so yes the price is a bargain.


P.S I hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Totally new to the Canva Template Shop and not sure where to start?

This video will introduce you to the shop + answer your questions!


  • Images are Not Included:

  • MY GRAPHICS is only provided to you when you purchase a commercial license, not standard purchases.

  1. Color Changes: Changing colors can only be done by changing the tones, saturation, light, and darkness of the image in  Canva, changing to a specific color is not possible. However, there are many other purchasable graphics available on Canva too.)

What's included with the templates?

Each Canva template pack includes:
• A Branded + Editable Mood Board (value $9.00)
• Video tutorials to customize your templates


Commercial license, What's Included?
• 30 Graphics are available for Commercial Use.

• A Branded + Editable Mood Board (value $15.00)

• Video tutorials to customize your templates

Can the bundle items be switched out?
Unfortunately, the bundles are preselected and come as they are. They contain everything the individual sets do but at a discounted rate. Score!

Can I use these templates on mobile or my tablet? 
These templates were designed for desktop use. I suggest setting them up on the desktop and personalizing them first before accessing them from your mobile or tablet.

How do I get these templates into my Canva account? 
Each template set comes with a tutorial on how to access, download, and use your templates right away.

Can my VA use my Templates?
Yes, your VA may use your purchased templates in your own Canva account for your business. If she wants to use them in her account / her business, she has to purchase her own set. One set per account only, please. If you are not sure, please reach out to me at services.burgeonmarketingagency@gmail.com.

Can I use your templates for my clients?
If you want to use my templates to create graphics for your clients or promote any work you are doing for clients, you'll need to upgrade to the commercial license. Simply choose personal or commercial when adding to the cart.

Please note: you MAY NOT transfer my templates to your clients. That is stealing. Your clients would need to purchase their own templates.


Can I create products to sell?
You can use my products to create digital products like PDF ebooks, workbooks, graphics for your business. You cannot use my templates to make your own Canva templates for sale or for client work without purchasing a commercial license.

Thank you for understanding and respecting the hard work that has gone into creating these templates. If you are not sure, please email me at services.burgeonmarketingagency@gmail.com.

Do you offer refunds?
Since you'll get access to all the templates and training right away, I won't be able to return your money. However, if you have any issues at all, please reach out to me at services.burgeonmarketingagency@gmail.com Terms of Use.

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