Start Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Start a blog on your dream Website in 10 Minutes.

Today you will start your journey to easily create the blog of your dreams by setting up an easy 10-minute website with WordPress. No stress if you're not tech-savvy.

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways, from landing an internship with a US-based company and landing clients, all by doing something I love and enjoy so much.

The plus side is that you can start a money-making blog for a few dollars a month with a huge return on your investment.

To get you started I have linked discounted pricing to set up your own website and start your blog, nothing has been as easy as this, in under 10 minutes you can set up your blog from as little as $3.95 through this link as oppose to $7 standard price.

Included is a Free domain for a year, I should add that I dont know how long that discount will last so dont miss-out.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Bluehost, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing and a free domain name through my link.

Below I detail what WordPress Bluehost hosting is.

My website and blogging have allowed me to work from home and have a flexible schedule. Anyone can make that money by blogging. It is worth paying for because if done right, you will see the money come back 10x. I’ve gone on to see some bloggers make over $150 000 a month from blogging.

Top earning bloggers use Bluehost and swear by it. It is one of the top-rated hosting companies for the past few years including 2020 and with one click you can start your blog. If you sign up with the link you also receive a free domain for 12 months that normally ranks for about $15 in value, a whopping amount saved.

What is hosting with Bluehost?

“When you want to start a business in the real world, you need a physical location to set up, store, and sell your products. The same rules apply in the digital world when setting up a website.

When you set up an online business, you have a series of files, images, and HTML code that make up your website. These files take up space and need a place to live. Without an online home, your files would just sit on your computer and no one would ever see them. A hosting provider will provide a place on a webserver to store all of your files and are responsible for delivering the files of your website as soon as a browser makes a request by typing in your domain name.” -BLUEHOST

What you’ll get when you start with Bluehost? from only $3.95, you'll receive the following Benefits.


*Free blog domain for 12 months

*Bluehost offers a guarantee in case you figure it not for you but with over 2 million users, why would you?

*You will be self-hosted, this is especially important if you want to monetize your blog.

*WordPress through Bluehost is FREE

*With your Bluehost set up, you appear professional to companies and readers when on Bluehost.

*Bluehost established in 2003 has a wealth of expertise and offers 24/7 support.

*With the link, you get a 1 click WordPress Install

So what are you waiting for? Start your blogging journey today now, click here and receive the special discounted offer.

I have set up my clients on this plan, this is value for money I tell you and you can too.

What is WordPress Website Builder?

it is a website builder, literally, you can build a website in 10 minutes, they have free beautifully crafted templates, varieties include minimalist website templates designs to fashion-forward designs, just fill in your business name or logo, add your personal touch with your unique colors and you're set. The great thing is you dont have to publish until you are ready to go live.

Click here to start the process.

How to Start and set up a WordPress Blog on Bluehost

1 Register your domain name,

Easily set up your domain for a discounted offer by clicking here to purchase a domain name and create a blog. Then continue the steps below that follow.

The first point to consider when setting up your WordPress Blog with Bluehost is to think about what you want your domain name to be. This is your business name. Be sure to make it easy to read, spell, and remember when considering the name. Avoid words that have silent letters or that have more than one spelling. This makes it tougher for people to search for you.

The thing is my name was already taken so I had to switch it up slightly. You may come across this, just keep in mind to keep your social media names the same as your business name. This is big when you want your customers to easily find you.

You can get your domain name from Bluehost and make the entire process hassle-free. If you sign up for 12 months, you receive a FREE domain for the first the entire year when you buy Bluehost for 12 months.

  • You receive a free domain,

  • You Receive a cheaper monthly for the 12monthly subscription appose to the monthly subscription.

The basic package is preferable if you want a blog, if you want to create easy websites for people then Bluehost Plus is a viable option too.

2. Buy Hosting for your Blog.

Setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost is very easy. Receive the cheapest price to start your blog, then choose the Basic plan. I highly recommend the 12-month minimum plan because of the free domain, if at any time your domain expires, that means you haven't had traffic coming to your business when you pay the month to month plan, on top of that is exceptionally higher in cost as well.

hosting for the year will most likely cost $71.50 for the year, for 3 years it will cost $142.20. which is a steal of a price.

When you are set and ready to create a blog, follow the steps below to buy hosting for your blog.

2.1 Go to Bluehost and click "Get Started Now" button

2.2 Click on the package you are interested in.

2.3 Enter your domain name you registered with earlier, or sign up for a new domain name.

2.4 Enter your personal payment information.

2.5 You will then be asked to enter a password. Make a note of this password for security purposes.

3. Install WordPress on Bluehost.

Okay, last and most important step.

Bluehost makes it easy to create a WordPress blog and it is free.

  • you have set up your password, Bluehost will guide you through what exactly to do in order to start your blog.

  • -Firstly Bluehost will ask you to pick a theme. There are free themes to choose from so pick anyone you like. You can always change it later.

  • -Click on "Start Building "

  • You will find that on the next screen, you can either choose "Business" or "Personal"- this is up to you, you can go even further and click on "I don't need help"

BOOOM you are all set! Congrats to you and your blog!

If you sign up for Bluehost and feel overwhelmed or confused, feel free to contact me at info.burgeonmarketing@gmail, and I'll happily help you.

Some handy tips for WordPress.

  • You can add and create new posts to your blog by clicking on the "Posts" button on the left-hand side of the navigation when logged in.

  • If you want to add an inspiring image, simply click on "Media" on the left of the menu.

  • If you are eager to start a newsletter or emails to your subscribers, I recommend Convertkit for your emails.

  • If you are interested in designs for your blog then Bluchic has the most beautiful and creative templates that you will love to gaze at. Head over and take a look at the whimsical designs.

I hope this has been helpful, tag us at #BurgeonMarketing_ with your blog update and we'll send you our Free Marketing Concepts for Start-Ups Ebook to you.

Till then, Happy Blogging.

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