Improve Sales by Improving Customer Service.

Updated: Jul 18

Research has shown that listening to your customers has the impact to increase sales by 40%. It increases customer satisfaction and retention 10X.

However, it takes more than just a simple response to gain traction. There are points to master such as listening, being empathetic, and leading the direction of the conversation towards a mutually beneficial solution.

There are other internal processes that need work in order for that message to be delivered effectively which we will discuss today.

Having worked in the customer service division for a European Telecommunications provider for a brief moment. I was able to interact with customers and colleagues from around parts of Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

In the process, I learned that there are aspects of human relations that go into play in order for the product and service as a whole to stand the test of time.

And so within this article, I will address certain mechanisms that aid customer service. If you own a restaurant, brick and mortar business, or online business then this is for you.

We will discuss

1.1 Employee Induction,

1.2 Training,

1.3 Employee Value

1.1 Employee Induction:

Teach your staff about the company culture and dynamics when it comes to improving Sales. Informing staff on how you want your business to position in the minds of the community is invaluable in your training.

If your company values a customer-centric ideology, then emphasizing empathy and resolve during induction will be beneficial to your company. This helps your staff emulate that value with customers.

1.2 Training:

I know you have been a customer, have you ever avoided going to that store simply because of bad service? If you are like me then you most likely avoided going to that store altogether. And chances are most people follow suit because their time, money and peace of mind is of value to them too. Therefore, going the extra mile to train your staff helps service providers best achieve customers’ expectations. If you want your company to be positioned as a quality based company, then emulate and emphasize that every customer is a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON.

Therefore, educating your staff on the different Customer Persona habits, cultures, language usage and rapport are important. It will equip your service reps on how to build a foundation on communication while fostering relationships on trust and assurance. It goes without saying that people need to feel like you understand them.

As mentioned above, learning the right rapport is key. The manner in which to resolve issues and assert yourself in a stressful situation is important. Nothing is worse than losing your cool and being passive with rude or angry customers. Therefore, providing training on possible customer issue-based scenarios allows your staff to be better prepared to solve and address customers' pain points.

When it comes to word usage, being empathetic is important, and so is leadership. Guiding customers towards a solution reassures customers that your staff is there to help, is knowledgeable, and has a wealth of experience. It not only alleviates tensions but adds to the Perception of QUALITY in the eyes of the customer. The wrong choice of word, body language, facial expression in customer service communication can send people out the door, never to return.

Think of customer service reps that often say “AS PER OUR CONVERSATION” or “OUR POLICY STATES”, what would your perception of such a rep or company be? They lack empathy right? We all know all businesses have procedures in place, however, there are better words to use that are more empathetic.

1.3 Employee Value:

Think of your employees as your customers too, look at things from their perspective. Once you see what their pain points are and what the underlying concerns are, you begin to rectify internal relationships.

Employee value equips management with the ability to create an environment that is more conducive for employees which in turn improves morale and overall productivity. It boils down to the fact that people love to be heard. Nothing is worse than an employee feeling undervalued. Each part of your workforce is intrinsic to your entire operation-all parts work to maintain a well-run engine.

Inform your staff of the impact and value every single customer has on the business and how it is instrumental in the company's survival. Emphasize that all functions need to work cohesively so that all employees understand their roles and their importance.

Highlighting the value you place on your staff, ingrains confidence and pride. It further motivates them to do better for the company and the people who work in it. In so doing, it trickles down into the work they perform and the output they produce.

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