Tools to Solve a Business or Personal Problem

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Every problem, rejection, and failure has value in it. This may even happen when you played your part to the best of your capability, yet still fell short.

The takeaway is this, there is always a lesson behind it if we seek to understand, with the intention to self-reflect and gain feedback with an open mind. In the end, we will be in a better position than where we left off.

In this article, I highlight tips you can immediately incorporate to better address problems and navigate towards better solutions.

1. Systematic Process towards a Solution.

Planning Your Success

Dealing with the problem doesn't mean dwelling on it and living in that feeling of regret, anger, or failure. A systematic process actively stops that broken recorder from playing over and over in your head and gives you the tools to move forward from it.

So what is a systematic process? Simply put, it is a thought-out plan of action or a set of steps one takes to obtain a certain result.

Systematic Approach to Improvement

1.1 Analyze Current Processes

I put these question forward:

What is the current situation?

How are you currently dealing with it?

Is your current solution moving you forward to get you out of the problem state?

Is your current solution or the way you deal with a problem -making it worse over time for you or others?

Is your current solution putting you in the best position towards growth in the long run?

If it not the best solution- then...

1.2 Identify and Define Improved Processes

1.3 Prioritize Process Improvements

1.4 Manage Change and Adoption

( Source:eIS Business Solutions)

2. Don't Let Emotions Override Your Better Judgement.

Remain calm when all around is caotic

I have found that the best time for evaluation is when our emotions don’t have time to override our better judgment.

So take time off before you go back and assess the current outcome and all else that lead to it. If the situation is emotional for you, detach yourself personally from the emotion and say.

"if I was paid as a consultant or professional put on this assignment(current problem) - how would I ethically resolve it so that all parties are considered?"

3. Educate Yourself to Better Plan

Read, learn and grow

If it's important to you, you'll make time to read and take notes on the subject matter. Seek articles from reliable sources, you're equipping yourself to know better, and ultimately do better.

4. Communication through Outside Perspective

Find good friends that enrich your life, only if afew.

It is always helpful when you accept feedback from an unbiased source like friends, family, colleagues, and mentors. At times we get caught in this tunnel vision where we see nothing else but the problem, outside perspective can be refreshingly enlightening.

Don't stop yourself from seeking outside advice because you perceive the advice will be negative or judgemental, your limiting yourself from moving forward with that thought.

This doesn't always mean going to the same people you have gone to before for advice if you fear judgment or bias. If you know no one else, join and post it on a like-minded Facebook group or trusted community on Linkedin to seek advice.

You'll find you're not alone in your dilemma, that's comfortable in itself, especially when you begin to see how others found resolve, succeeded, and grew despite their situation. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

All of these processes work in your favor, this is where true growth happens.

The reward of success outweights the struggle

The result is, you now have a plan and step by step process that you can work towards, this will involve a lot of trial and error, but as you go along, you refine and better your plan over time.

You’re now better equipped, more agile, with more experience below your belt. In hindsight, you sharpen skills like problem-solving and critical thinking within your business and personal life, better prepared to take on whatever hiccups life presents and thrive while at it.

I hope you found this useful. Please share this with whoever needs to hear it, and comment on your thoughts and opinions.

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Bianca Hendricks.

Founder Of Burgeon Marketing Agency.

Marketing, Product, and Business Strategist.

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