5 Tips to Improve Your Landing Page for More Sales

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I’ve worked on a number of websites and ads, and I've seen how some businesses could possibly be leaving money on the table because their websites are not adjusted for the win. I write this, keeping in mind that not all start-ups and solopreneurs have a budget to obtain an expensive web template or hire a Programmer.

In this article, I provide 5 useful tips so that you can begin to see better results, by optimizing your website for a better user experience, improved engagement, and overall impact. Let's dive in.

Make Your Post Mobile Friendly.

53% of Web traffic comes from mobile users, while 56% of web traffic comes from Desktop. To put this into perspective, there are over 5.11 billion unique mobile users worldwide. So, it only makes sense to adapt your website for mobile use and improve the overall user experience. If your site is not built with the mobile user in mind, This can lead your potential customer to believe the site is not up to standard or not legitimate.

Use the Same Words in Your PPC ads as You Would on your Landing Page.

Nothing is more frustrating than being hooked by an ad that doesn't direct the audience to the intended landing page that the advert eluded to. If your advertising shoes, don’t lead your customer to a page directed to your clothing items. It indirectly gives the impression that your business is intentionally misleading.

Create Short Forms

The one thing that deters a new sub or buyer from opting in, is the length of time it takes to fill out a form, if your forms take too much time to complete and are not optimized for automation capabilities, people will bounce, not only the website but the cart too. The thing is your customers are accustomed to other optimized platforms where service is a quick and convenient way to get what they need. If your website doesn’t fit the bar, your product is viewed as inferior. So basically, don’t create a big barrier to entry on your website.

Use Big Headers to Broadcast your Value.

If there is a lot going on with your website in terms of visuals and writing, chances are, customers will miss the proposition your highlighting, so it only makes sense to create a big enough heading that’s bold and easy to read. If you have a chance to make your website minimalist, then do so(where suitable), it allows the buyer's eye to focus more clearly on the subject matter than a multitude of text and visuals.

Tailor Your Landing Pages for Individual Audiences.

You may have several ads running for different products, so make sure to lead each audience type to their desired destinations, this allows you to get a better insight and in-depth understanding of the audience and the workings of the website. In the end, it creates ways to better increase the performance of your website and ads.

I hope you found this useful.

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Bianca Hendricks.

Founder Of Burgeon Marketing Agency.

Marketing, Product, and Business Strategist.

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